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Baguettes & Babe - Take 1

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

I was about to check in for our flight when I got an email from Chase around 11:30 am ET notifying me of changes to our flight time and transit airport. We were supposed to leave IND at 4:50 pm ET, and fly to Paris through Chicago with United.

The new flight was scheduled for 2:30 pm ET through D.C. the next day, which would reduce our stay in Paris by two days. We were traveling for less than a week already, and it didn't make sense to accept flight changes that would cost us time in the city and also put us on a stand-by status. Those aren't ideal circumstances when traveling solo let alone with a seven-month-old infant. So, we decided to cancel our trip.

I was pretty bummed on Friday. I'd been waiting for this trip for several months. We wound up spending the whole day with Mico, and ordering wings from Ale Emporium for dinner. It also put us in quite a pickle because Mico only starts daycare on October 4. So, I had to find alternatives for daycare for four days since I'll be going in to work next week.

However, Chase was able to get us a full refund, and I re-booked our tickets for the end of October. I found cheaper tickets flying direct through Delta. I was able to request a bassinet seat too, which wasn't available through United. I didn't know those seats are on a first come, first serve basis so, I requested them well in advance this time. Flying direct and overnight is also a better route so, I guess you could say it all worked out in the end.

The countdown to Paris has been reset in my restless mind - 30 days.

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