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Oh, the places you’ll go

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

First, we're having a boy!

Michael Pulikottil Wheeler will be joining our family in just a couple months. I bought a pair of flip flops before our babymoon so we could take some cute pics.

I'd like to instill our love for travel and reading in him. I've met some wonderful people on planes, buses, and trains. I love people watching at airports, and imagining what lives they must live at home. Since I entered the workforce a few years ago, I've set aside a certain amount to travel. A good travel credit card is great too (make sure you pay it off regularly to avoid accumulating interest).

2018 has been amazing. We traveled to England to see my Dad, and show Randy the home I grew up in. He met some of my family friends, and we ate a lot of savory pies. We traveled to India to see the rest of my family including my new nieces. I got to celebrate my birthday at home with family for the first time in 15 years! Since we met in the States, I've always felt like my husband's missed a huge part of me that's been scattered across the globe. I'm definitely the sum of all the places I've lived. Being able to share the places, people, and food that have made me is something I couldn't put a price tag on.

Hawaii was a slightly impulsive decision. We're not the beach-resort type of travelers. I'm glad we went. Even though I can't swim, being near water has always been good for my soul. We took a dip in the ocean, and I was reminded that the same water body touched every land that this kid is from and will likely explore before he's 5. It made me feel connected to my own parents who still live in India.

We may not be able to travel as far or as frequently in the future. I'm still committed to building our travel budget (for three), and showing Baby Spice his homelands as much as we can. For now, here's a photo series on Baby Spice's first imaginary steps in Maui, Hawaii.

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