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Moroccan Tagine

Mico is sick today so I took the day off work to take care of him. Last week, his daycare put up a notice that they had 3 cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease. So, I knew it was only a matter of time before he got it too. It's rough. The poor kid is not his usual cheery, calm self. I hope he recovers soon.

I had a private cooking show for Monsieur Mico because it was one of the only things that calmed him down. I bought some spices back from our trip to Paris. We made a Moroccan Tagine using a spice mix. I don't have a tagine itself but they are one of my favourite dishes. Here are some pics with my lunch date.

PS - I love harissa. I used to order it on Amazon, but I picked up a few tubes from a supermarket for less than a $1 each.

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