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Baguettes & Babe - Take 2

We made it to Paris on our second attempt. I don't like visiting a city twice. I'd rather go to a new place and explore it organically. We had such a great time in Paris though that I definitely want to go back, and travel to the South of France too.

Traveling with a kid was a little more work than traveling as a couple. We checked in Mico's pack and play, and a light weight stroller. I also carried diapers and formula for the trip there and first few days. Since we were staying at my friend's apartment, I was able to buy groceries and baby supplies for the rest of our stay. Cooking one meal every now and then during our stay helped us spend more time seeing the city too.


1. Lunch at Le Bon Georges: My friend, Laura, said this was one of her favourite restaurants so we decided to visit it for lunch. You do need a reservation. They were so kind and accommodating to our needs with Mico. The owner offered us his office space to change Mico's diaper.

2. Eiffel Tower: I thought I would be underwhelmed honestly because I'm not someone who is usually enamored with the typical tourist spot. However, the tower is magical at night.

3. Boat ride on the Seine: Randy got us tickets for two days so we used the boat as our form of transport too since, we could hop on and off at various sites. I think this was Mico's favourite part of our trip. He also loved the subway.

4. The flight itself: The staff at Delta were amazing. I had to wear Mico, and stand in the back for a few minutes because he had a hard time sleeping with the light from the screens. I spoke to one of the flight attendants who told me how she managed to be on the crew for over 20 years while raising kids. Another attendant and I talked about adoption laws and the constant anxiety parents feel at times. Beyond the destination, transit has always been my favourite part of traveling because I always meet people who are willing to share portions of their life story.

Finally, here are some of my favourite pics from our trip.

Family =

Food =

Fun =

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